As a leading provider of accessibility products, Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility Elevator and Lift supplies reliable commercial inclined platform lifts in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Ideal for straight, curved as well as spiral stairways, these wheelchair lifts can be installed inside or outside the churches, small offices and school buildings. They can also be used in all limited spaced public buildings that cannot accommodate elevators or vertical platform lifts.

Available with advanced technology and premium safety measures these lifts can carry one person seated in a wheelchair or on the seat provided on the lift, safely over a stairway. Advanced features facilitate easy movement between different levels of a building.

No matter what the application, indoor or outdoor, we will help you pick the right accessibility solutions. Architects, property owners as well as contractors can benefit from our Free Consultation service to choose the right option. Our quality wheelchair lifts feature space-saving designs, reliable performance and user-friendly operation. Call us today at 1-866-454-3896!


Designed for use with a single level of straight stairs, the lift can be factory built for left- or right-side rail installations as well as front or side access configurations.

The lift travels at a comfortable 20 ft/min (.1 m/s) with on-board controls made easily accessible with the handheld, hard-wired pendant. This system is battery powered allowing it to operate even during power failures.

Charging stations at the top and bottom ensure the lift is always ready to go.


Ideal to handle multiple levels, turning stairs, curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landings, this platform lift can be installed along the side of the stairs with its own rail system and stanchions, the modular design can be installed for any number of levels.

The model also features a pedestrian warning light and movement alarm to advise others that the lift is in operation. Being a leading supplier with an extensive range of mobility products, our service is responsive and prompt, and our technical support team provides all assistance required for the installation and maintenance of mobility equipment.