Delta Inclined Platform Lifts: Your Solution for Safe and Customizable Wheelchair Accessibility

Discover unparalleled mobility solutions with Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility, your trusted provider of commercial inclined platform lifts. Ideal for any stairway type or existing ramp – be it straight, curved, or spiral – our wheelchair lifts are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, offering a safe, reliable, and space-saving solution for buildings with limited space or a need to address personal mobility issues. Leveraging advanced technology and prioritizing safety, our platform lifts ensure smooth and user-friendly operation.

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Delta (Straight) Inclined Platform Lift

Experience the seamless integration of functionality and safety with our Delta Inclined Platform Lift, perfectly crafted for straight staircases. Whether your setup requires left- or right-side rail installations, or specific access configurations, this lift is tailored to meet your needs, offering both front and side access options.

Operating at a steady pace of 20 ft/min, the lift ensures a comfortable ride every time. Easily control your journey using the hard-wired pendant, designed for intuitive use. Rest assured, the battery-powered system ensures uninterrupted operation even during power outages, always ready to serve thanks to charging stations situated at both ends of the installation.

Delta (Straight) Inclined Platform Lift Features:

  • Designed specifically for straight staircases.
  • Can be factory customized for left- or right-side rail installations.
  • Options for front or side access configurations.
  • Travels at a comfortable speed of 20 ft/min.
  • Features on-board controls easily accessible with a hard-wired pendant.
  • Battery-powered system, allowing for operation even during power outages.
  • Equipped with charging stations at both the top and bottom of the installation.

Delta Platform Lifts FAQ

Q1: Can the Delta inclined platform lift be customized according to the setup of my staircase?

A1: Yes, the Delta inclined platform lift is specially designed to accommodate straight staircases and can be factory customized to suit either left- or right-side rail installations. It also offers configurations for both front and side access to cater to your specific requirements.

Q2: How does the Delta inclined platform lift ensure operation even during power outages?

A2: The Delta inclined platform lift operates on a battery-powered system, allowing it to function even during power failures. Moreover, it features charging stations at both the top and bottom of the installation to ensure the lift is always ready to go.


Q3: What speed does the Delta inclined platform lift operate at and how is it controlled?

A3: The Delta lift travels at a comfortable speed of 20 ft/min. It is equipped with onboard controls that are easily accessible through a hard-wired pendant, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey every time.

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