Commercial Lift Solutions for Every Space

Discover the pinnacle of mobility solutions with Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility, the home of innovative commercial lifts crafted to elevate accessibility in various spaces, including offices, factories, and warehouses. From versatile vertical platform lifts to adaptable wheelchair stair lifts, we offer solutions that embody safety and convenience. Our wheelchair lifts are designed with the user in mind, fostering inclusivity in commercial and industrial environments, ensuring everyone can move freely and easily. Explore our advanced lift solutions today and take a step towards a more accessible, barrier-free, and user-friendly environment, where every individual can navigate spaces with confidence and ease.

Elevate accessibility in your commercial or industrial space with our state-of-the-art commercial lifts. Don’t wait to enhance comfort and mobility – request a free quote now and take the first step towards a barrier-free future!

30 Years of Bruno Excellence

As an authorized dealer of Bruno products, Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility is proud to present 30 years of Bruno’s steadfast commitment to crafting accessibility solutions. Bruno has consistently empowered individuals experiencing limited mobility, enhancing their independence and quality of life through innovative, safe, and dependable mobility solutions.

Proudly made in the USA, Bruno’s vertical platform lifts (VPLs) are a testament to high-quality American engineering, offering suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, and bringing seamless accessibility to a diverse range of environments.

Our featured product, the Bruno VPL-3300B series wheelchair lift, is your go-to solution for ADA-compliant accessibility in various institutions, including churches, schools, and businesses. This series stands as a hallmark of inclusivity, offering four distinct solutions to ensure Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance:

Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

  • Enclosed Lifts: Experience the pinnacle of privacy and security with lifts designed to offer an enclosed, safe space for users.
  • Unenclosed Lifts: Opt for a lift solution that offers an open, inviting experience, promoting ease of access without compromising on style.
  • Shaftway/Hoistway Lifts: Elevate your space with lifts that harmonize beautifully with your existing architecture, proving that functionality and aesthetic can indeed go hand in hand.

Trust in the legacy of Bruno’s innovation, brought to you with the expertise and personalized service of Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility. Together, we are here to usher you into a realm of unmatched accessibility and freedom.

Commercial Lift Solutions for Every Space | Dermer Stairlifts & Mobility

Enhanced Commercial Lift Features for Superior Accessibility

Discover the range of features our commercial lifts have to offer, designed to enhance safety, reliability, and convenience. Whether for a business or a residence, our lifts are equipped with everything you need for secure and smooth operation. Below are the standout features that make our lifts a must-have for your accessibility needs:

  • User-Friendly Controls: Operate the lift effortlessly with a keyed, constant-pressure rocker switch control located right on the platform.
  • Emergency Safety Measures: For an added layer of safety, our lifts are equipped with an emergency stop switch and an audio-visual alarm system.
  • Reliable Limit Switches: Top and bottom limit switches help to ensure secure stops at every level.
  • Anti-Slip Platform: The non-skid platform ensures stability and prevents slipping incidents.
  • Solid Side Platform Walls: Enjoy peace of mind with solid side walls, offering extra security during the lift’s operation.
  • Automatic and Fixed Ramps: Depending on your choice of model, benefit from the convenience of an automatic folding ramp or a sturdy, fixed ramp.
  • High Lifting Capacity: Accommodate loads of up to 750 lb, allowing for a wide range of uses.
  • Dependable Battery-Powered Motor: Our ACME screw-driven DC motor provides full-time battery operation, ensuring consistent and reliable lift functionality. This allows the unit to be fully operational during power outages.

Commercial Lift Options

Discover an enhanced level of accessibility with our comprehensive suite of commercial lifts, carefully designed to meet diverse needs. Our offerings include a range of stairlifts and vertical platform lifts that can be customized with a variety of options to ensure safety and convenience. Here is a closer look at what we offer:

Platform Sizes and Configurations

Choose from a range of platform sizes and configurations, including wheelchair stair lifts, which are specifically designed to facilitate easy mobility.


Cold Weather Package

Ensure uninterrupted operation even in freezing temperatures with our cold weather package, a must-have add-on that has been rigorously tested to improve performance in conditions below 20˚F/-7˚C.

Top Landing Gate

Our top landing gate option comes equipped with call/send controls that are available with both key and mechanical or electrical interlock, enhancing the functionality of our wheelchair lifts.

Control Options

Opt for ease of control with our rocker switch controls available on the platform, designed for smooth operation and user-friendly experience.

Security and Safety Features

  • Flush mount doors with interlock: Enhance safety with our doors that come with an interlock system, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Flood zone sensor kit: Be prepared for any eventuality with our flood zone sensor kit, a crucial feature that safeguards your lift in flood-prone areas.
  • Pit Switch: Opt for the pit switch feature to facilitate safe and secure operations at all times.

Additional Features

  • Power-assisted door/gate operator: Enjoy the convenience of a power-assisted door/gate operator that makes for an effortless entry and exit.
  • ADA-compliant telephone kit: Stay connected with our ADA-compliant telephone kit, an essential addition for maintaining communication during emergencies.
  • Platform gate for unenclosed applications: Ensure safety in unenclosed spaces with our specially designed platform gate.
  • Flood zone tower: Secure your vertical platform lift with our flood zone tower, specially crafted to withstand flood situations.
  • Braille plate kit: Cater to visually impaired individuals with our Braille plate kit, fostering inclusivity and ease of use.


Our range of commercial lifts, including stairlifts and vertical platform lifts, are designed to offer enhanced mobility solutions. From wheelchair stair lifts to wheelchair lifts, we prioritize safety and convenience, providing a range of options to suit various needs and preferences.

Explore our versatile options and elevate your accessibility solutions to the next level.

All Bruno VPLs are designed in accordance with ASME A18.1, section 2 and can be used in most applications to meet ANSI A117.1 National Accessibility Guidelines. to another.

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