Elderly and Handicap Accessible Homes

At Dermer Stairlifts, we are committed to transforming homes to meet ADA requirements for bathrooms and other critical spaces, ensuring the utmost safety and convenience for elderly and differently-abled individuals.

Your One-Stop Solution for ADA Compliant Home Modifications

Our expert team specializes in ADA compliant installations, offering a range of options that cater to unique needs and preferences. Our curated solutions enhance the quality of life through the following offerings:

  • Handicap Accessible Showers: We bring you a variety of elderly shower options including walk-in showers and roll-in showers that prioritize safety while maintaining a contemporary style.
  • Handicap Toilets and Sinks: We offer a selection of handicap toilets and sinks, designed with optimal ADA countertop height, promising ease of use and convenience for all individuals.
  • Elevated Comfort with Walk-In Tubs: Experience the comfort and safety of our walk-in tubs, meticulously crafted to facilitate easy entry and exit, substantially reducing the risk of accidents.

Custom Solutions for a Safer Home

Understanding that wet surfaces in bathrooms and high countertops in kitchens are potential hazards, we endeavor to transform these spaces into zones of safety. Our modifications create a mobility supportive environment, designed to avert accidents and foster independence.

The Dermer Stairlifts Promise

Committed to redefining safety and mobility in homes, we introduce you to a portfolio of services that includes:

  • ADA Compliant Sinks and Toilets: Adhering to ADA requirements for bathrooms with stylish and functional installations.
  • Grab Bars and Handicap Showers: Enhancing bathroom safety through the strategic installation of grab bars and specially designed handicap showers.
  • Low-threshold Kitchen Solutions: Ensuring a safe and comfortable kitchen space by complying with ADA countertop height regulations.
  • Holistic Home Elevations and Additions: From home elevators to stair lifts and access ramps, we facilitate ease of movement throughout your home, fostering a more accessible living environment.

Home Mobility Solutions FAQ

Q1: What kinds of ADA compliant installations does Dermer Stairlifts offer?

A1: We offer a comprehensive range of ADA compliant installations to make your home more accessible and safe. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, handicap accessible showers (including walk-in and roll-in showers), walk-in tubs, handicap toilets and sinks abiding by ADA countertop height regulations, and a variety of elderly shower options that marry safety with modern style.

Q2: Can Dermer Stairlifts help in making kitchens safer for the elderly and differently-abled individuals?

A2: Absolutely, we specialize in crafting low-threshold kitchen solutions that adhere to ADA countertop height regulations. Our goal is to create a kitchen space that is both safe and comfortable, minimizing the risk of accidents due to high countertops and other potential hazards.

Q3: What measures does Dermer Stairlifts take to ensure bathroom safety?

A3: Dermer Stairlifts enhances bathroom safety through the installation of a range of ADA-compliant fixtures including grab bars, handicap showers, and walk-in tubs. We prioritize creating a mobility supportive environment where the risk of accidents is significantly reduced.

Q4: What are some unique features of your walk-in tubs?

A4: Our walk-in tubs are meticulously designed to offer elevated comfort and safety. They facilitate easy entry and exit, substantially reducing the risk of accidents. The walk-in tubs offer a perfect blend of luxury and safety, ensuring a peaceful and secure bathing experience.


Q5: Do you offer solutions to aid mobility throughout different levels of a home?

A5: Yes, we provide a holistic approach to enhancing home mobility with solutions like home elevators, stair lifts, vertical and inclined platform lifts, and residential and commercial access ramps. These installations aim to foster easy movement across various levels of your home, creating a more accessible and comfortable living environment.

Q6: How can I get in touch with Dermer Stairlifts for an ADA compliant home transformation?

A6: You can easily reach out to us by calling at (866) 454-3896. Our expert team is here to guide you on your journey to a safer, ADA-compliant home. We are committed to helping you transform your home into a sanctuary of safety and mobility.


Connect with Us

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Dermer Stairlifts can help you to improve the safety of your home with safety additions. Places such as bathrooms are a naturally wet areas, as well as kitchens with high counter tops and cabinets, which could lead to accidents and mishaps.

Avoid these unwanted circumstances by safety proofing your home and by making it a mobility supportive environment for the elderly and differently-abled. Call us today at 1-866-454-3896!


We will help you to safety proof your home by ensuring that there are non-slip surfaces, enough clear space to assist with mobility, and more.

We provide state of the art home modifications to completely transform your home into a fully ADA compliant space.

Count on our experience and knowledge to help you make your home a safe place for your loved ones.


  • ADA Compliant Sinks and Toilets
  • Grab Bars in the Bathtub
  • Walk-in Bathtubs
  • Low-threshold Showers / Roll-in Showers
  • Converted Tubs
  • Low-threshold Kitchen Sinks and Counter Tops
  • Ceiling Tracks
  • Home Elevators
  • Stair Lifts (straight and curved)
  • Vertical and Inclined Platform Lifts
  • Residential and Commercial Access Ramps

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