Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility also carries various Home Elevator Systems. This system is a unique and innovative home elevator which can be installed almost anywhere in the home. It is unlike any other conventional residential elevator available as it does not require hydraulics or need to be fixed to walls.

Home elevators are powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system that is very quiet and housed, out of sight, at the top of the lift and plugs straight into a regular power socket – just like any other household appliance. Using dual rail technology, the freestanding Home Elevator is a self-supporting structure with no extra weight burden put on the home.

This means the lift can be installed in places where other conventional residential elevators will not fit. The clever design also means there is no need for a lift shaft or separate machine room. The Home Elevator offers unrivaled flexibility in terms of placement in the home and is a safe, neat and discreet alternative to a stair lift. It can be installed in as little as one day with minimal building work and disruption. From hallway to landing or family room to bedroom, the lift requires a remarkably small space of less than 7 sf – so the choice is yours. Call us today at 1-866-454-3896!


  • Half Height Door The door is interlocked and is made to match the finish of the elevator
  • 2 x Remote Controls Call and send the lift remotely and also use it to move heavy or awkward items between floors
  • Two Year Warranty on Elevators carry a standard two-year parts warranty
  • Internal LED Downlights These are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the elevator and remain on for the entire journey
  • Battery Back Up System If there is a power cut while using the elevator, it can be driven to the lower level of the home and will then wait until the power comes back on to resume normal service
  • Half Height Light Curtain comes as standard on home elevators
  • Interior Telephone In the very unlikely event that the elevator stops while you are traveling in it, help is just a phone call away with a phone fitted as standard in home elevators


  • Small Footprint: Smallest footprint of any lift on the market – covers less than 7sf surface area
  • Quiet: Powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor – no noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems
  • Fast: Installation Elevators are made up of modular sections – standard installs take just one day
  • Power Consumption: Plugs into a regular 110v or 220v power outlet – like any other household appliance
  • Unique Guide System: Two parallel and vertical guides bear load of the lift – self-supporting structure
  • Self Contained Drive System: Housed at the top of the lift, out of sight