Dermer’s In Home Elevator Solutions

At Dermer Stairlifts and Mobility, we specialize in revolutionizing mobility solutions at your fingertips. Imagine transcending floors seamlessly in the cocoon of the most sophisticated and space-savvy home elevator systems available in the market today. We bring you an in home elevator experience that is unmatchable in terms of technology, style, and convenience.

The Future of Elevators for Home is Here

Our exclusive range of home elevator systems stands apart from conventional residential elevators. Crafted with a meticulous approach, this elevator for home doesn’t rely on hydraulics nor does it need to be affixed to walls. The standalone marvel operates silently, powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system neatly tucked away at the top of the structure, connecting simply to a regular power socket, facilitating ease of installation anywhere in your home.

Remarkable Dual Rail Technology

Leap into the future with our self-supporting in home elevator systems leveraging cutting-edge dual rail technology. This unique system imposes no additional weight burden on your home, offering you a freedom of installation choices. Now you can experience a state-of-the-art elevator in home without requiring a separate lift shaft or machine room, thus retaining the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Unrivaled Flexibility with Dermer Home Elevators

Choose our home elevators to ensure a seamless blend of style and function, right within a compact space of fewer than 7 square feet. This nifty solution, which outshines conventional stair lifts, grants you the liberty to install it anywhere – be it from hallway to landing or family room to bedroom, presenting an epitome of discreet and neat design that adds value to your home.

Install Your Dream Elevator in Home in Just One Day

Why wait when you can elevate your living standards within a day? Yes, you read that right! Our expert team can install your dream elevator for home swiftly, with minimal building work and disruption. The journey from envisioning to experiencing the luxury and convenience of a home elevator is just a call away.


Home Elevator Features

  • Customizable Half-Height Door: Add a touch of elegance to your home with a door that is not only interlocked for safety but also customizable to match the overall finish of your in-home elevator.
  • Remote Controls (x2): Operate your elevator from a distance with two remote controls, facilitating the effortless transfer of heavy or bulky items between different levels of your home.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Rest easy with a comprehensive two-year warranty on parts, showcasing our trust in the durability and quality of our home elevators.
  • Responsive LED Downlights: Enjoy a well-lit journey every time with internal LED downlights that activate automatically as you enter, accompanying you throughout your ride in the home elevator.
  • Battery-Powered System: Our elevators are equipped with a robust battery-powered system, ensuring operation even during power interruptions.
  • Standard Half-Height Light Curtain: Benefit from an added layer of safety with a light curtain that is standard in all our home elevators, fostering a secure elevator environment.
  • Built-In Interior Telephone: Access immediate assistance with an integrated telephone, ensuring help is always available during your in-home elevator travels, even in rare cases of technical hitches.

Benefits of Installing an Elevator for Home

  • Minimalistic Design with Small Footprint: Save space without compromising on style and functionality, with the elevator requiring less than 7 square feet of floor space, the smallest footprint available in the market.
  • Quiet Operation: Experience a tranquil ride thanks to a quiet electric self-contained motor that operates without the noise commonly associated with hydraulic or vacuum systems.
  • One-Day Installation: Witness a swift transformation of your space with our fast installation process, made possible through modular designs that facilitate setup within a single day.
  • Self-Supporting Unique Guide System: Trust in the strength of a unique guide system that utilizes two parallel and vertical guides to bear the lift’s load, offering a self-supporting structure for your elevator for home.
  • Discreet Self-Contained Drive System: Maintain the aesthetics of your home with a drive system housed inconspicuously at the top of the lift, keeping technical elements out of sight and mind.

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